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Homeowners Insurance

Triple L Insurance is fully equipped and ready to help you obtain the best homeowners insurance that fits your family’s needs.


  • That’s why we’re appointed with a plethora of insurance companies to tailor your needs to your desire.

  • Did you know we can offer you more (or less) coverage that you may or may not want?

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Let’s talk about what Homeowners Insurance does …

This is the amount of coverage that is insured for the structure of your home.

Do you have a fence, shed or detached garage?  Any structure that is on your property that is not structurally attached to your house is considered an “other structure”.

What happens to my furniture, clothes, appliances if they are stolen, damaged and/or destroyed as a result of a loss?  This is what your personal property coverage is for!

A hurricane just damaged your home so bad that you can’t live in it while it’s being fixed … where am I supposed to go?  Loss of Use provides you with the coverage you’ll need to cover the expenses of alternate living arrangements while your home is getting put back together.

Are you being held legally responsible for someone that was injured at your home?  Or perhaps something on your property caused property damage to someone else’s property?  You’ll definitely want to have Liability coverage!

You’ll be so happy you have this coverage after you had to take your neighbor to the emergency room when he twisted his ankle while he was at your house visiting.  This will take care of his medical bill.

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Flood Insurance


  • Did you know that technically speaking, the whole state of Florida is in a flood zone?

  • Did you know your homeowners insurance does NOT cover losses due to flooding?

  • Your house is located either in a “Standard Flood Zone” or a “Preferred Flood Zone”!

  • Don’t be a victim of a flood loss without a policy, let Triple L Insurance make sure you’re properly protected.

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Condo Insurance

So you own a condo …

What happens when your neighbor who lives upstairs (who just happens to be away on vacation) has a water heater that starts leaking into your unit?

Who is responsible?

Condo insurance is extraordinarily important to have and we can’t stress it enough.

Surely your condo association has a policy that covers the “exterior” of your building, but who is going to cover the saturated mess inside your unit?

Let Triple L Insurance find the right coverage that meets your needs.

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Renters Insurance

Did you know that 97 percent of homeowners carry homeowners insurance, while only 37 percent of renters purchase renters insurance!  Why is that?

Do people that rent not have personal property that is worth insuring?  Do people that rent have no possibility of ever needing liability coverage?  These questions are ludicrous!

Of course renters have nice personal belongings and certainly liability claims can occur.  Triple L Insurance has the products for our renters that are not only comprehensive but extremely affordable (more so than you might think)!

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Personal Articles Insurance

What happens to my furniture, clothes, appliances if they are stolen, damaged and/or destroyed as a result of a loss?

This is what your personal property coverage is for!

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